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A website is essential to your business as shown by Covid

Covid Web Design

Is your business online? Are you one of those who does not feel they need a web presence during this Covid pandemic? Get a Covid website designed for your business now – tell us what you think!

My business is in Covid lockdown and does not have a website. I need a design quick!

Lockdown Covid-19 has seen a boom in business carried out on-line as compared to the High Street. No matter if you own a small sweet shop or a booming electrical store, now is the time to move on-line.

A website is your new storefront, and we at NI2U are here to help design your Covid lockdown website. If you have not had an online business before, do not worry. We offer training to get you up and running. Whether you want to do business as click and collect, or online sales, we provide an easy solution. Web design, hosting and training all at a price not to be missed.

But make sure you can be found online

One example is, if you are a furniture retailer used to dealing mainly in person, or many of your customers are located inside a local area, you may want to think about a website with local SEO, linked from one of the numerous business directories that exist, a Facebook page – and a Google Places listing to get you up and running.

In my opinion, It is essential that some of your revenue come from online sales. After all, most of us have internet access via a smart phone nowadays, and most research online is carried out on an iPhone. High Street Shops are not quite dead yet, but Covid has certainly speed things up. Covid is the game changer, social distancing, handwash, fear, masks and uncertainty means the small retailer needs to change forever.

Covid Web design

And if I do decide I want a website designed while my business is in lockdown during Covid?

Whether you be a jeweller, shoe shop, toy shop and many others, if potential customers can find your website quickly through a search engine, you will be in a happy place.

Make sure you do your homework first. Do not do it on the cheap – set a sensible budget and make sure you get a good job done. Resist the temptation to build it yourself – unless you know what you are doing. Your website is a store front and the first impression customers will have of your business and as we all know, first impressions count.

So, sit down and make a list for a Covid Web design on your business. How is your business going to benefit from the website that you are going to have built?

A few things to consider Covid Web design are

  • Is going to enable you to supply additional information to potential customers to help them make a buying decision?
  • If so, what information
  • how is going to inspire visitors to decide on your merchandise?
  • Are you planning to make it less difficult for customers get in touch with you?
  • How?
  • Will it just be a standard contact form – or can you do something better than the competition, like click and collect, or full ecommerce?


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