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Our Story

At NI2U Web Solutions we provide high quality web design, hosting and SEO services that put you at the centre of the design process! Located in the beautiful Glens of Antrim of Northern Ireland only 40 minutes from Belfast one click from the world we understand the needs of both the small rural business but also the larger city and town based business as well.


We have provided excellent services since 2010 for large and small web design projects. No job is too small; we believe that providing site design for the widest variety and types of quality sites is a large part of who we are. This means we are not merely interested in “the large” “big money” jobs exclusively.

Our Mission Statement

We deliver the maximum quality with well-planned progressive services to support our clients in accomplishing their goals.

NI2U Web Solutions are diligent, robust and experienced experts extremely devoted to helping our clients.  We lead ourselves affording the utmost values of professional ethics and shared respect.

We are accountable for the businesses we carry out services for and always make sure we listen to our feedback we receive from individual projects and clients.

What We Deliver:

We provide web sites for small businesses, non-profits, and individuals with content that is not objectionable.

  • We provide high quality web solutions that are affordable
  • We work with local Christian organisations for free in a way to say thank you to the local community. (contact us if you are a local Christian organisation and would like a website)
  • We provide customer based website designs that are results driven.
  • We are always accessible and ready to work with our clients. You do not wait weeks for responses.
  • We educate you about your web site through a comprehensive design process that you are a part of throughout!
  • We work with you to get it right!

We are green!

NI2U are internet based, thus communication is mainly carried out online


  • Communicate via e-mail
  • Send contacts and other important documents via PDF w electronic signatures.
  • Use green “carbon neutral” hosting
  • Use low energy computers (laptops & LCD monitors)
  • Power down all equipment and unplug all rechargers at night
  • Purchase as much software with downloads as opposed to hard copy shipping
  • Use natural light in work space or energy saving lights
  • Support other green vendors as much as possible

How About Geting Started

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.