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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing in Northern Ireland:

Two words and phrases that are more widely known now than they were a 10 years ago, when Affiliate Marketing in Northern Ireland was in its infancy. Though some might think affiliate marketing has anything to do with television stations and their relationships with networks, the actual delineation is quite different.

What is an Affiliate?

The simplest definition of an affiliate is: “an entity that promotes products to capabilities shoppers, in exchange for your commission upon profitable completion of a sale”.

How Affiliates May Help You

While it might seem far-fetched to some that an affiliate program may benefit their company, whether due to the nature of the business or products and services offered, with careful thought, it’s quite feasible one could formulate and execute a successful affiliate program.

As an example, if you help to make and sell hammers online it could be pretty easy to access a list of hundreds of web sites which cater to home improvement and corresponding different categories, approach them to ask if they will offer your merchandise on their web-site and in return you will pay a commission for every single product sold as a result.

Can Affiliate Marketing Help You?

As you are could imagine, this is pretty cut and dry with tangible products and services. Can it work for solutions too? Can it work for items not even provided online? The answer is yes, though the approach becomes a tad more complex.

If you sell donuts in a shop (not online), then your form of an affiliate program could likely be shaped through partnerships with as lots of area business owners you feel could serve as good partners-good enough that you might even be ready to offer a revenue share or discount to them so that you can get more sales.

As cliché as it sounds, it’s actually all in relation to thinking creatively. Point being, affiliate marketing in Northern Ireland in some form can work for virtually every business model.

Northern Ireland Affiliate Marketing

Join an Affiliate Network

By the same token you could run your affiliate program through what is called an “affiliate network”. These networks are home to a vast ammount of of merchant’s.  These advertisers (another word for affiliate) are looking to sign up as affiliates for your business they fto drive sales in order to make commissions. The big 4 affiliate networks working within the UK are Affilinet, Commission Junction, Affiliate Window, and Webgains. These networks build a percentage on each individual commission paid by a merchant to an affiliate.

How Affiliates helped us

At NI2U Solutions we provide small online businesses a 30 day free SEO trial. Not essentially a tangible item-and really inside the B2B territory. Which in turn also can make growth through affiliate marketing problematic. When initially I first arrived here our affiliate program seemed to be relatively minor. Through identification of best partners (in our case web development agencies, providers and so on), we’ve had the opportunity to grow our affiliate base. This enables the business to and compensate more of our affiliate partners with commissions according to the company they promote. Each unique affiliate may not be as vast as one of our own business partners. The one thing though there is an energy in numbers. Having thousands of affiliates you start to see sight of the opportunity of results an affiliate marketing program can provide your company.

What defines results?

Well that’s completely up to you as the business owner/proprietor. Consider that affiliates take it upon themselves to drive visitors and publicise products/services in hope of receiving a commission. So in essence, any sale referred by an affiliate could denote results. This sale is unlike PPC and does not cost anything until the sale is completed. Therein lies the beauty of affiliate marketing from the viewpoint of the merchant. You pay nothing unless you make a sale.

Why not contact NI2U, the experts in Affiliate Marketing in Northern Ireland today. We can help you with your affiliate program.

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