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Black Hat Tactics coupled with Google Penalties

Black Hat Tactics coupled with Google Penalties

What Are Black Hat Techniques?

Why do some businesses look to use black hat Website SEO methods in order to “manipulate” the search engine results?

Search position is a very unique situation. Being number 1 gives a status and can be very lucrative. Visitors equal money, so it is no wonder why so many people are prepared to ‘push the boundries’ a little.

You could say that all SEO’s do this in the standard approaches. They use SEO for the purpose of “fixing” a site to grow to be more noticeable by Google. This could be seen as cheating your way to the top. Studying how you are able to manipulate the Google search algorithm in making web sites rank higher than others is in some ways what Search engine optimisation is all about.

SEO Rules

Google’s Guidelines

Google has made it a possibility for (at least shrt term gains) webmasters to climb to the top while not following their guidelines.

I suppose the main difference between white hat and black hat SEO is how far you go to manipulate results. Black Hat SEO is when a person decides to get results that are outside Google’s guidelines.

The Most popular black hat approaches are getting links in bad neighbourhoods or duplicating content from other similar websites. Sometimes a duplicate penalty is lifted in a short space of time. There are cases where a website has been under penalty for quite some time because black hat techniques have been used. Sometimes they can never recover.

Black Hat SEO Optimisation

I don’t in anyway agree with black hat SEO optimisation as the right Search engine optimisation tactic. Results are just as possible in a shorter space of time without the risk of a Google penalty.

Standard Search engine optimisation methods in my advice are all based on best practices that can be found on Google webmaster advice.

The Google Way

Many strategies like a logical link structure are suggested by Google as a good start for any SEO campaign. This will help to define a website making it easily accessible to your internet consumers.

This coupled with special and informative articles of what your web site offers will carry more weight in the long run. High-quality content is powerful and you are not trying to trick Google. What you are doing is making relevant content for what you are offering.

The best advice is to build a website for your customers, give good advice applicable for the services or products you offer and the results will follow.

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