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Brand Building To keep you ahead of the competition

Brand Building To keep you ahead of the competition

For many Companies brand building is their major online objective.

The Internet has opened up a new method of communicating with users, and online branding and brand management have become concerns not just for Internet designers and developers, but for anyone who manages or creates brands, including marketing, communications and e-commerce executives.

Being often called on to help organizations answer their strategic and tactical brand-building questions. I find I prefer using a combination of quantitative surveys, online and traditional qualitative studies, secondary source research works best for me and my clients.

We all would agree, online brand building certainly has its similarities to the offline discipline, but the Internet offers special opportunities and challenges.

What”s working best right now?

Search engine marketing is one of today’s online organizations best performers. However, it is so pervasive; it’s almost become akin to the telephone book: Just like the old-fashioned yellow page directories, if you’re in business you almost have to be there.

However unlike old-fashioned telephone directories, today search engine metrics are valuable because they allow advertisers to see exactly how their ad spend is performing.

I believe it has become a campaign staple that is here to stay.

Meantime search advertising will without a doubt remain a basic feature of any good marketing strategy. In the next year or two connections with digital communities and your organization will be increasingly important.


Advertisers must be able to connect with consumers in a meaningful way and deliver on their brand promise. Sony enthusiasts, for example, can download music, view movie trailers, get Sony graphics for the mobile phone, and more on Sony’s company site.

Meeting just the right mix.

Today’s marketers can’t deny there’s constant pressure on becoming more efficient with their marketing spend. The secret lies in discovering a winning formula that achieves the right mix—and there’s no single solution that works for every brand.

Every additional system that a marketer is able to add to their lineup improves the organization’s marketing reach and results. No matter if it’s online television or mobile phones, the better they’ll be able to capture and hold clients.

When the big players like Microsoft are developing new platforms for interactive advertising that includes traditional mediums, for example search, while also making inroads into new areas of marketing like IPTV and advergaming. You know big things are on the way. It is believed Microsoft intends to build a foundation that will allow even more enhanced user experiences while increasing and allowing more interactive advertising