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Creating a Small Business or Home Business Marketing Website Brand

Creating a Small Business or Home Business Marketing Website Brand

Branding Disasters to Branding Benefits

Earlier last week, as I actually do each and every day, I was checking the internet looking at various sites. Yes, they were strictly specialist website brands, and no I don’t actually do it all day long. I try to keep it to a minimum of 4 hours… I’m just joking, I never surf more than I have to.

As I was going over various webpages, from home internet businesses, to professional services, I was somewhat disappointed. Many of the websites were in need of a major overhaul; many may want to be send to their grave. That being said, there are many webpages which are great, along with a complete joy to surf. As a business owner, you are hoping for your latter.

Is your website branding your business?

Your websites is your 24-hour lifeline to your business. With more and more business being conducted on the web, a clean, specialist internet profile is no longer an option, but a necessity.

There are multiple factors that determine whether an on-line site is a results or failure – Internet user interface and design to name just about the most crucial . I’d like to address some uncomplicated concerns that you can ask yourself to determine whether your site qualifies as a disaster or a discovery. Sorry if that statement seems harsh, but if you have even two of the following “bad” items, you may be heading for just that.

How to build a website brand

1.      Your Brand is your Identity

Is my site a true representation of my design? Your model is your identity to the world. It starts with your vision and mission statement, then your logo, and continues on through all your products. If your web presence does not completely represent what you as a business enterprise are all about, you should consider an overhaul. How many companies out there have a great product, lots of passion, along with a will to succeed, only to scream “I’m a one-man band, at work out of my garage!” Even if you are a one-man band working out of your garage, you don’t have to look like it.

2.      Easy to use website

Is it easy to seek out and get what your customers need? Is your site uncomplicated to navigate? If visitors can’t quickly find what they are interested in, they will leave. Here is a quick list of items that either adds to the confusion and eventual departure of a visitor, or the clear and concise path to the checkout stand.

  • Clear and straightforward navigation (beneficial)
  • SSL Certificate without errors (essential )
  • Responsive (Mobile Friendly – essential )
  • Navigation breadcrumbs (beneficial)
  • Intuitive back links to vital material (beneficial)
  • Browser friendly (your site works in IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • Clearly defined material (beneficial)
  • Busy backgrounds under words (Bad)
  • Fonts are too small or large (bad)
  • Unnecessary animation (bad)
  • Bright principal RGB colours (bad)
  • Slow loading website (bad)

3.      What details should I put on my website

Actually do I have an established hierarchy for my information? Not all the details on your site hold the same importance. You are able to have some of the most earth-shattering product or service or service in the world, but if you don’t have easily readily available contact information, your conversion rate will drop. Have by far the most vital information offered in a way that it stands out. It sound simple, but designers, programmer and business owners provide not always understand the way to carry out it.

4.      Does my site look specialist?

This to me is, if not by far the most critical , very close or should be. I understand that the Web surfer Interface of a site is of utmost importance, and I addressed that issue in a previous statement, but I carry out believe that unless a site looks qualified from the instant a person lands on it, they will not stay, period. You will not get a second chance from a visitor, if the site looks un-professional in any way. People’s time is so important, that if you don’t grab them immediately they will be gone.

To summarise it all

With this list of issues, it is possible to examine your websites to determine whether or not your site creates a branding disaster or branding benefit to your business. If you happen to have more than two of the previously mentioned “bad” characteristic, don’t worry. We’re confident we can support you turn a possible disaster into a path of discovery to your consumers.

If you happen to have more than two of the previously mentioned “bad” items on your site, you may be doomed. With so many opportunity customers browsing the internet now, and asking; “Hey, what’s your website called, so I can get more information?”

You just can’t afford to not look specialist from the instant they load your web site. It is vital for a business owner to understand and appreciate the importance of hiring a competent, experienced designer for their design needs. I have addressed this in previous publications, and this cannot be stressed enough when it comes to website design.

With this list of issues, you as a business owner can take a look at your site and ask yourself whether or not any, some, or none of these items exist within your current website design. If they are for your superior, and you own quite a small number of, that’s great! You’re on your way. If not, don’t worry, we’re confident we can help you turn a possible disaster into a path of discovery for your valued clients.

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