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Moving WordPress to a Different URL or Subfolder

Moving Wordpress to a Different URL or Subfolder

How can I move WordPress to a subfolder or another Domain

When you are moving wordpress to a new version of your web site at www.domain.com/subfolder, or you are moving domain name and now want to move it to the the alternative domain. Follow the measures below to do this – don’t forget to back up!

Create a Backup

This backup will serve as a starting position in case you made various mistakes or the new web server just won’t choose the all new version of your blog.

The plugin I use is BackWPup, this is a free backup plugin and works really well. You can easily do a backup manually or set it to automatically backup on a typical schedule, decent when you’re making daily alterations to your webpages.

An alternative is always to do a complete cpanel backup. This is done in the cpanel together with your web hosting account, see below for your full backup screenshot:

Change the URL in WordPress


Log into your admin section of wordpress platform and change the URL under Settings for :

WordPress Address (URL)


Site Address (URL)

This is done under Settings – Typical, as shown below:

Then hit save adjustments – you will probably get a 404 web site, which is fine. Now on to the next step.

Go the Data files and database

Now you should connect towards the old website using ftp and download the wordpress platforms files and folders and publish them to the new URL area.

As well, login towards the old location’s cpanel and go to your phpMYadmin module to make an export of the customer base file.

Make sure you understand which in turn one you need to export, if you have numerous databases, by looking at the wp-config.php file. The line will look such as:

This export file is what you will import into the different URL’s storage system.

Change the wp-config File

Log into the all new URL’s web hosting service cpanel and open the wp-config.perl file around the file manager and change the customer base, visitor and passwords for WordPress platform. the words will look such as this:

Login and change all URL’s

Now, you should create sure all the URL’s within the customer base include been changed, unfortunately just changing the URL around the settings won’t do this. You’ll want to have a further step and perform a search and replace to make sure all the services are correct.

I use a plugin that include Velvet Blues. This will search all the URL’s in the customer base and change them to the all-new URL.

As you can see from the screenshot, this really is a extremely simple method. Just enter the old and new URL’s in the acceptable boxes and hit the Upgrade button.


There is also a selection to test and show you how numerous URL’s will be changed before you do this.

Remember  to keep a backup of the main website somewhere in case you run into any future problems.

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