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The Do’s and Don’ts of Web Designs

The Do’s and Don’ts of Web Designs

At NI2U, Northern Ireland, we believe that unless your websites is usable visitors will simply not use it. Pretty Web Designs can easily keep the attraction of an internet user for only so long before they leave to look for your knowledge they need elsewhere.

Along with detailed information architecture providers, NI2U will look at just about every part of your Web Designs to insure that will it’s as usable as feasible. To which in turn end, we consider the following when developing your site:

Bad Web Designs start with bad fonts.

If the font is too small to read quickly or the contrast between font colour and background colour too low or too high, customers will simply leave the web site in frustration for one that will have the information they need in a clearer typeface.

NI2U strive to choose the kind of match between exceptional style and intelligent usability that will the internet user will be trying to find.


Posting material to the web is actually a lot different to writing marketing and advertising brochures or marketing and advertising.

The average customer will only stay on a page for 1 minute 49 seconds, therefore we cannot assume that we’ll keep a user’s curiosity for long enough to be able to insert lots of marketing languages and unnecessary sales pitches.

Material on the web should be concise, for the point and conveniently readable for users with limited time to spare.

It should try to answer questions the visitor would normally ask. Use good descriptive terms and sentences a customer may ask.

A good picture is worth a thousand words

Internet users are extremely focused on clear, predefined goals. They will definitely want to see a picture of the product before reading any description.

Price and description come next with a clear call to action button. If you do not process payments online your call to action button should be to a contact form or telephone number or pay online.

It is not enough to simply put the information in the website and hide it under slick talk and promotion slogans. The usual internet user will spend less than two minutes on your website, so you need a clear landing page and call to action and capture their attention instantly.

Sound and animation

Tempting as it truly is to fill websites with lots of moving images, friendly music, don’t. The reality is that users find such methods annoying. While a style must inspire confidence in a customer, crudely creating a technical demonstration of every single technique is neither useful nor clever. It’s likely to put off more clients than it attracts.

NI2U, Northern Ireland understand the need to embrace developing technologies, though insuring that will we are adopting the correct marketing to your site.



Your website is selling a niche product (example balloons), therefore it stands to reason that someone wanting a hammer will never visit our site. The content of your site needs to follow balloons. You can have content for parties, children, weddings etc. Perhaps you could even sell products relating to balloons, such as helium, pumps and even personalisation.

You need to keep content consistent. Local search works well, create landing pages for party balloons Belfast as well as party balloons Ballymena, Larne etc. This will increase your web status for other local areas, providing mail order and online payments would be ideal for this.


It has become an important feature to include a product search system with the ability to filter your choices. This keeps visitors attention as they search through a list of your products.

It is important that results can be filtered by relevancy, popularity, price low to high and price high to low. Predictive search is also a good method of always returning a search result.

If you have a site search, the best way to aesthetically achieve this is to have a ring of normality about it. Think Google results, if your site search looks similar the normal looking appearance will be acceptable to customers.

User-structured Style and design

When building sites we constantly evaluate our Web Designs against time-honoured objectives. We call this “the five user goals when visiting” (by way of example, for Flybe it might be ’Book flight ticket’, for Microsoft it may be ’technical support’).

This allows us to avoid loss of understanding and detail in our concepts. We are continuously coming back to the original strategy of the Web Designs, making sure that will we accomplish the aim.

As compared to developing sites which perform ten different functions to a poor level, we aim to choose a few main goals and focus on them as our priority.

We understand the person using your website that has influence is the internet user. It doesn’t matter what we think of your site or how easy we find it to use.  The end user’s thoughts and how well it converts is all that matters.

Customer Input

We understand how frustrating it can be when you are asked to create an account on a website. You can simplify forms to only include the most basic details.  Most information is unnecessary, such as how did you find us, and is this product for you? It only creates frustration among your users.

Simplifying and reducing the amount of material a user needs to give when purchasing or creating an account will ensure a repeat customer. Also, you’ll have less material to plough through when responding.

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