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Nine out of 10 home alarm systems, apparently, are purchased following a break-in; likewise you would not feel safe staying in a house with no smoke detector. Can you imagine going to bed at night with the front door unlocked or your with the keys in the ignition of your car. Possibilities are nothing will happen, but if you do it long enough someone will take your car or enter your property.

You website is no different; don’t wait until you have been hacked before doing something about it. Get proactive – fit a firewall before it happens. From only £150 per year (excluding hosting) we will fit an ‘alarm’ on your website, and lock the door.

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Essential functions we offer:

  • Daily scans to your full website

  • Daily backups of your website

  • Test if your website is Penalised on Google, Yahoo or Bing

  • Test if website is affected by known malware

  • Malware removal

  • Test if website is contaminated from known website viruses

What can happen if you do not act now and employ good cyber security!

Among other issues concerning website cyber security which can seriously harm your site is malware. You can find a large number of sites around which get contaminated with malware and generally it won’t be any failing of your personal. Even so, owning an affected website will certainly impact you and it’s going to just be a matter of time before the search engines give you a penalty for owning an attacked website.
This means that you will not receive anywhere close to the amount of site visitors which you previously used to have to your site and will additionally set you back a lot of money to recover your site. You need to be sure that this NEVER occurs by getting free of the malware in your website before all these issues develop.

So why do you need your website malware removed?

There are many complications with using a malware infected website. First and foremost, you might be creating difficulties for any visitors and a lot of times, you are going to lose them quickly. Additionally, Search engines like Google will easily pick up that your site has been hacked and definitely will drop you out of the search results. Don’t leave it too late, a lot of time you may be unaware that your WordPress site has been hacked.

The Protection Process


Secure Your Website's Good Reputation



Protect Any Search Engines Position


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Some Aspects We Can Help You With

Eliminate malicious software

Most sites repaired within just 2 days

Recover your status in search engines like Google

Site repaired or 100% refund

Full report on malware

Daily site check

Secure against all online Infections

WordPress protection

Clear any problems

Satisfaction and reassurance guarantee

Immediate alert for threats.

Quick treatment for virtually any vulnerability or malware.

Protect from phishing

Defense in vulnerable material scammers

Stop website re-directions

Protect against trojan viruses, adware and spyware, viruses

Having Effective Cyber Security on your Website Protects Against Malware

Blackhat SEO is usually an expression used to illustrate unsafe as well as reckless strategies to control search engine results positioning. A web site may hacked in order to improve the overall search engine results positioning for other websites.

Why do they do this?

Google uses links to websites as an essential positioning aspect. Simplified, a website that has good information is going to be linked to naturally from various other websites and sources. The more links which your website has, Google see it as very important and will rank in higher in their search engine rankings.

You can see how important this is, thus it creates a market for individuals to attack websites and place articles with links on them. The goal is usually to boost the search engine rankings of the own website. Most of these attacks usually will go undetected by site owners since the web links tend to be unobtrusive or perhaps tucked away from regular visitors.

Hackers will even redirect your clients to different sites to boost their own visitors. Occasionally such redirects concentrate on specific guests, causing them to be hard for web owners to identify.

Getting a penalty from Google for something similar to what has been described will usually create a big problem for your website and may cost hundreds of pounds to get back, if ever going to be right again. You are best to act now before any penalty.

Should you suffer some sort of cyber attack, you really can suffer a loss of reputable name along with business, in addition to possibly encounter legal action, together with the expenses for removal of your malware. Do not allow this to happen, act now – retain the services of NI2U Northern Ireland’s premier website security company and receive daily scans as well as backups. Contact us today!

How to get Started

We provide a thorough website malware removal service where we’ll ensure that your site is malware free. We’ll devote time evaluating your site as well as looking for the various forms of adware which might be leading to issues.

After we have performed that, we will give you a report and a price for the websites malware removal, and if you are happy with the price NI2U Solutions will get rid of the malware in your website, giving you back a clear site that your customers and search engines will find safe again. We can also offer you WordPress security & firewall plugin to help stop this happening again.