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Web Malware Protection Program


NI2U Web Malware Protection Program for businesses of any size

The NI2U Web Malware Security Program is the best primary protection against web-based malware. Our extensive online anti-malware services, powered by the NI2U Web Malware Assessment System technologies, executes regular, profound, as well as highly accurate scans to shield your internet business actively, adaptively, as well as thoroughly.

Using the NI2U Web Malware Security Program, you are able to:

  • Prevent getting your site blacklisted.

  • Guard against security vulnerabilities.

  • Avoid visitors to your site from getting corrupted through spyware.

  • Curtail harmful code in order to deal with its severity, quickly.

  • Delight in commercial progression and also the peace of mind that your web based business remains safe and secure through the most recent online security protection.

Below are a few of the features offered by the NI2U Web Malware Security Program:

  • Finds any malware compromising an online site by means of constant daily, or weekly scans applying numerous encoding methods: visitor emulation, virtual device emulation, as well as examining with blacklists and anti-virus applications.

  • Discovers zero-day malware or malvertising using profound, accurate tests implementing NI2U’s perform assessment systems.

  • Sizes considerably to generate a higher-efficiency, low-price structure patterned on the major search engines online-scope foundation.

  • Produces security data according to substantial quantities of automated communications facts accumulated worldwide through tracking hundreds of websites as well as many ad networks for adware and spyware. NI2U collects this ‘understanding from the wider public’ via their constant world-wide-web-monitoring, using results documented with the NI2U malware virus catalogue.

  • Features attacks quickly and offers resources designed for quick elimination of malware, therefore your internet businesses against Web Malware Security ant get operational instantly right after an online malware infection.

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    NI2U, the best choice in Internet anti-malware technologies, can visualise a world wide web which is secure along with malware-free for people and web-based businesses. NI2U defends web sites connected with top finance services, e-commerce, advertising, website hosting along with other international businesses from losses of information, earnings along with character brought on by web-based malicious software attacks. In addition, NI2U’s adaptable security knowledge re-determines Internet security software through simulating any areas with the Internet in addition to managing the effectiveness of facts that will build protection from potential future malware strikes.

    Eliminate malicious software

    Most sites repaired within just 2 days

    Recover your status in search engines like Google

    Site repaired or 100% refund

    Full report on malware

    Daily site check

    Secure against all online Infections

    WordPress protection

    Clear any problems

    Satisfaction and reassurance guarantee

    Immediate alert for threats.

    Quick treatment for virtually any vulnerability or malware.

    Protect from phishing

    Defense in vulnerable material scammers

    Stop website re-directions

    Protect against trojan viruses, adware and spyware, viruses